Real Time Report - Aucksun Project


Huai'an Aucksun Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. was registered and established in Huai'an Administration for Industry and Commerce on August 2, 2011.

The company's business scope includes electronic product research and development, manufacturing and sales; indoor and outdoor lighting lamps and devices production, etc.

The project content is mainly divided into extension and chip workshop; the clean room grade is mainly 1000 and 100,000 clean workshops.

Preliminary work

Conduct on-site survey according to the construction drawings, then carry out space management of construction drawings, rational construction, and finally organize the construction of the bottom, and discuss in-depth technical difficulties and key points in the construction.

Real Time Report - Aucksun Project

During construction

Invest in excellent management team, using high-quality materials, advanced equipment and advanced technology.

During the construction process, our company adopts the PCDA management mode to complete the project on time, also with the quality and quantity.

Real Time Report - Aucksun Project

Commissioning phase

Organized a professional commissioning team to debug the chilled water system, air conditioning system, and medium temperature water system to meet the requirements of the owner.

Real Time Report - Aucksun Project

Following the last report, the project of Aucksun has been under continuous construction and is now nearing completion. It is expected to be completed successfully in June !

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