Real Time Report - Salubris Project


Shen Zhen Salubris Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive pharmaceutical company that integrates pharmaceutical products research and development, production and business sales. This project content is the mechanical and electrical installation engineering of the preparation laboratory of the research department.

Decoration decoration

The interior decoration material of the clean production area is a mechanism clean color steel plate, the surface is smooth, dust-free, glare-free, easy to clean, and resistant to disinfection, the corner of the intersection of the wall and the ground is rounded, the fillet radius R=50, kicking feet do not protrude from the wall;

The clean door is made of a box-type clip-on clean steel door, and the window is made of hand-made single-glazed windows; The ground use the 2mm thick epoxy self-leveling.

HVAC professional

Use fan coil + new exhaust air heat exchange air conditioner, built-in four-sided air fan coils in each air-conditioned room; and a new exhaust heat exchanger is installed in the walkway to send and exhaust air through the air duct and blast tuyere to meet the comfort and hygiene requirements of the indoor staff. The fresh air unit and each coil fan refrigerant are cooled by chilled water.

Real Time Report - Salubris Project

Real Time Report - Salubris Project

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