2018 Laun Staff Conference


On January 2, 2018, Shanghai 9:00 held an annual summary meeting of employees at Yuan Quanhui, 4A9, Software Industry Base.

At the meeting, the directors of each department made the 2017 annual work summary report and the 2018 annual work plan.

2018 Laun Staff Conference

The picture shows the chairman Liu Yong’s speech

The above leaders summarized the work of the department in 2017 and proposed the areas that need to be further strengthened in the work; at the same time, according to the current situation, the new goals were put forward in the next year's work deployment. From small to large, from far and near, from near and far. From the current situation, analyze every step of the future, I believe that Laun will achieve better results in the new year ! 2018, go forward!

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