Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

People Oriented

Pursue innovative management mode, create humanized management and office environment, seek better and better salary and benefits for employees, and adhere to people-oriented

People do their best

Adhere to the right people in the right positions, build a development platform for employees to meet their own professional skills and expertise. The establishment of the Laun Innovation Business School provides a good channel for the improvement of employees' skills and professionalism, and provides professional consulting services for the career development of employees, so that employees can have fair and equitable development opportunities.

Work together

Laun as a team of iron and blood in the industry, has achieved the gratifying achievements of the industry peers in the short period of four years, thanks to the spirit of struggle of all the Laun people.

Sharing the success

Under the leadership of the chairman Liu Yong and the founding team, Laun has achieved one after another good performance. Every success is inseparable from the hard working of each Laun people. All employees share the company's development and glory.

Salary and welfare

Salary and welfare

Basic salary, performance commission, performance bonus, service age award, year-end award, and other diversified salary incentives; Welfare: There are a variety of holidays, such as weekends, legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, and the goddess festival. The annual physical examination, travel, birthday party, sports meeting, and various fun activities are endless.

Basic salary
Performance commission
Performance bonus
Year-end award
Service age award
Basketball Match

Laun adheres to a competitive salary and welfare system in the industry, under the premise of respecting the ability of employees to work, adhere to the principle of “graduating with posts, setting wages with grades, matching people and posts, and paying one job and one salary”, promote the matching of compensation and employee growth, combined with employee stock ownership, option incentives, etc., let each struggler grow up with the company and get a reasonable return of interest.

Outdoor Development
Birthday Party
Long Vacation
Annual tourism inside and outside the province
Annual Medical Examination
Maternity Leave
Marriage Leave
Statutory Holidays
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