Introduction to the R&D Center

In order to adapt to the rapid development of enterprises and enhance their core competitiveness, Laun takes the lead in setting up a full-time R&D institution among similar companies, the main task is to surround the clean engineering also its upstream and downstream, actively track development trends at home and abroad, establish accurate and efficient market and technical intelligence systems; Market-oriented, research and development of products that meet market demand and technological advancement; Establish a sound intellectual property and research and development system.

R & D Capabilities

R & D Capabilitie

The R&D center has 10 R&D researcher, including 2 doctors and 4 masters. It has initially formed a team of R&D talents with complementary materials and mechanical disciplines. The core members are domestic R&D talents in materials, machinery, electromechanical and other fields, and have rich experience in product development and design.

The R&D center is equipped with a high-standard laboratory of about 200m2, which can test and verify the application characteristics, reliability and compatibility of various materials, equipment and processes in the purification project; optimize engineering processes, equipment and materials; And the design, development and production of related upstream and downstream core polymer materials.

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