Real Time Report - Zhongjing Optoelectronics Project


Dongguan Zhongjing Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. was established on October 22, 2010. It is mainly engaged in the design, research and development, production and sales of semiconductor materials, semiconductor epitaxial wafers, chips, semiconductor components, information optoelectronic products, general mechanical equipment, testing equipment and accessories. , semiconductor software, etc.

The project content is the second phase (point measurement point) electromechanical engineering of the plant of Zhongjing Semiconductor. According to the construction drawings and various technical requirements and construction specifications of the semiconductor industry, the construction is reasonably arranged to ensure the completion of the project on time and quality.

The floor of the production area of each layer of the project is made of anti-static PVC, and the anti-static manual rock wool color steel plate is used for the car partition.

The pipelines in the workshop are arranged in the line trough (distribution, electrostatic grounding, vacuum, air pressure, and all the network installations in the network). After the equipment is in place, the workshop is clean and tidy, and it is also conducive to daily cleaning.

Each vacuum branch line in the workshop is equipped with a vacuum tank and a negative pressure gauge, and a pressure gauge is installed at the end of each air pressure branch pipe in the workshop.

Double-window color steel plate edge treatment between the clean room and the walkway (customized double-layer insulating glass observation window)

Clean logistics channel (transmission window configuration walkie-talkie, exit installation access control, camera)

Double double shower room with automatic shoe washing machine (very good for keeping the clean floor clean)

Stainless steel door frame trimming at the expansion joint and stainless steel floor protection (protection of steel plate and PVC floor jointed by expansion joints on the logistics channel)

One floor leads to the second floor clean stair walkway (PVC anti-static floor), with color-clear anti-slip strips and PVC floor upper wall finishing treatment

The ceiling is made of anti-static hand-made glass magnesia wool color steel plate and wall plate. Anti-static hand-rock wool color steel plate is used. The floor in the workshop is made of anti-static PVC sheet, and the walkway is made of anti-static PVC coil.

The LED clean flat lamp is uniformly used in the workshop, which is 4CM less than the thickness of the conventional beveled clean lamp. The appearance is fashionable and the brightness is correspondingly improved

The outer raised part of the suspended ceiling in the workshop is treated by the outer arc edge

Aluminum skin protection after freezing in the machine room, medium temperature water and hot water pipe

The air conditioning system of this project adopts MAU+RCU mode, and each MAU and RCU has a separate control interface.

PLC local control interface

The project is currently in the final stage and is expected to be put into production at the end of November.

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