The 92nd China Electronics Fair


Exhibition Name: The 92nd China Electronics Fair

Exhibition Time: 2018.10.31-2018.11.02

Exhibition Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Booth: W2 Hall 2B062

The exhibition site is full of people and people.

The audience came to the Laun booth to stop and talk, discuss business, and also international friends to the Langao booth to discuss cooperation.

exhibition site

The audiences asked about Laun Technology

The business staffs of the Laun Technology communicate with the customers

The staffs of the Laun explained the company album to the audiences

The International Marketing Department of Laun negotiates with foreign friends

The business staffs of Laun explain the exhibits to the customers

The business staffs of Laun communicate with the customers

Laun Technology ended in this exhibition

The exhibition focused on topics such as “Basic Electronics, Autonomous Controllable, and Innovative Applications”, covering semiconductor discrete devices, passive components, integrated circuits, instrumentation, intelligent manufacturing, and the Internet of Things, to explore the direction of industry development.

As a system solution provider in the clean room industry, Laun also wants to make a contribution when the semiconductor industry rises

At the exhibition, while Laun showed himself to the audience, the people of Laun also took the initiative to visit the customers and gained the trust and support of a large number of customers.

The three-day China Electronics Fair has come to a successful conclusion. See you next year!

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