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Dongguan Shuhai Food Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the processing, production and storage of leafy vegetables, bean products, fungi, raw meat products, cooked meat products, aquatic products, poultry and egg products, seasonings, etc., including coriander and spinach; Food, bulk food, agricultural products, hotel supplies, etc.

The project mainly includes 10,000-level purification production workshop, packaging workshop and cold storage. The whole project owner has single package. Our company undertakes single purification board and clean door and window project. According to the construction drawings and various technical requirements of the food industry, we will organize the construction of the project. In-depth discussion on technical difficulties and key points in construction, rational arrangement of construction, and successful completion according to nodes.

The food production workshop has different temperature requirements for different production lines, and there are cold storage of minus 30°, workshops of 4°, 10° and 15° production lines. The interior decoration materials are double-sided glass magnesia wool hand-cleaned color steel plate, polyurethane B1-level mechanism color steel plate and the same specification stainless steel 304 brushed color steel plate. The thickness is 75mm, 100mm insulation board respectively. The surface of the plate is smooth, smooth, dust-free, no Glare, easy to clean, resistant to disinfection.

The front and back corners at the intersection of the wall and the top, the ground and the fa?ade are decorated with aluminum profiles for the inner arc and the outer cylinder.

The clean doors and windows adopt special electric heating and anti-condensation doors and windows of the cold storage to prevent condensation at high and low temperatures. At present, the workshop is still in the stage of equipment installation and commissioning, and it is expected to be put into operation at the end of December.

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